Voo Doo You

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This is a strikingly sad little video. The courage of that one little Voo Doo doll is more than most humans can claim. But of course, most humans don't get the chance, and they're lucky they don't!

But is that little doll any different from the other dolls on the rack? The other dolls certainly can't be labeled as courageous compared to the one who gives his life for his friends, because we don't see them do anything that requires courage. But the doll who sacrifices himself, though undoubtedly performed an act of courage, was the only one who was able to get down off those hooks. If the mortar and pestle hadn't been underneath him, he could never have gotten down off of that hook. If the mortar and pestle had been under any of the other dolls, wouldn't they have made the same sacrifice? If it was under you or me, would we make the same sacrifice?

I don't know. Would I have run, saved myself? Or sacrificed myself to save my friends? I would like to think that I would sacrifice myself, but I can't be sure I'd have enough courage. I think I'll settle for being thankful that I'm not in such a situation.

I must mention here the ideas of chance and prophecy. I have to mention Harry Potter. I'll be brief.

If it had been anyone besides Harry, would they have succeeded too?

I say yes. Anyone at all. Because the prophecy sets the rules in that game. The prophecy states that "the Dark Lord shall name him as his equal." So any boy (or girl) that Voldemort chose would have been equipped with the power and the motive to destroy the Dark Lord, even, I think, if it had been someone like Draco. Oh, there's a ton of room for variations. But I think, in the end, the prophecy would have its say, and the Dark Lord would have been vanquished.

But, like Aslan says repeatedly in CS Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia, it is never given to people to know what would have been.

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