Lately, there have been a lot of strange coincidences for me. It's like the world has come together and said, "Lets surround Amanda with sailorly things, they make her giggle like an idiot, come on, it will be funny...."

Last night's dancing with the stars, featuring Lance and Lacey.

I love sailors, lol. Although, having thoroughly inspected Gordon's dress blues, I can tell Lance's are a costume. And Lance salutes like he's lost a war. But he doesn't know. And he HAD lost his shoe. What a trooper. ;) Now all I need is that little sailor girl dress.... -grimaces-

Let me remind you that I simply ADORE *NSYNC, I'm a ginormous fan of them, still, so this just made my day. And then, after receiving two 10s from the judges, Lance says, "This is the best day ever!" He was right: About an hour after the show, guess who called me..... :) That's right! Gordon! -giggle.dance-

So yes, the powers that be are coming together to shower me with the things I love. Next Harry Potter will walk in dressed as a newsie and try to sell me the Daily Prophet, a penny a pape, Merry, Pippin, and the Cullens will throw me a crazy Alice-party at which Jack Sparrow shall show up drunk and wobbly, and Will Turner will hand me the most delicious rum and coke I've ever tasted, all before Gordon comes in in his dress blues....


That is what will happen next.

A girl can dream, no?



No, really, I am coping.

By making fan videos of my own boyfriend.

I love him.

And truly, it helps.



Gordon is so handsome in his dress blues. I about exploded with pride. I admit, I thought he was nuts for joining the Navy, but it turns out it was the perfect thing for him. I'm so proud of my Sailor! We went to the store on the base and I got a sticker for my car that says I Love My Sailor!