The Super Bowl

Yes, I've said it.

Not "the big game" or as I saw it on an advertisement for a pizza place, "the granddaddy of all football games." The Super Bowl is coming up.

I hope someone sends me a cease and desist letter for titling my blog with their precious copyrighted, trademarked, whatever-claimed two words.

I really don't understand what the big deal is. Why on earth would you want people to prevent the spreading around of the phrase "Super Bowl?" Is the NFL a secret society now? Don't they WANT people to watch it? Why do they turn down all this free advertising!?

Not that the Super Bowl needs to advertise itself--it's probably now tantamount to an instinct. Like the how birds feel the change in the weather and so know when to fly south. Three or four weeks after Christmas, most Americans instinctively stock up on pop and chips, have sudden cravings for buffalo wings and beer....

Now, this year, I couldn't care less about who wins or even plays in the Super Bowl. But it's a huge cultural event, so I'll probably watch its commercials, or at least ask someone who won, go, "Huh. Cool." and go on with my life. And I'd have to be blind and deaf not to be subjected to the advertisements for the parties, the sales, the events that go along with it all, so even though I care less than a sock who wins, it still annoys me that they're so anal that no one can even mention the Super Bowl.

It occurs to me to mention that I think people are a little neurotic about copyrights in general. Now, I don't want people taking credit for my work, or stealing my profit, but if I had a franchise of any sort, I can't think of a reason at all that I would want to keep people from mentioning the name or playing with my work. I'd welcome the word-of-mouth! Pah.

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